exists to help Christians understand a Biblical model of Decision Making.We desire to clear away the confusion that surrounds common misunderstandings of Godís will as well as to provide quick references and tools to help those who feel trapped in a crisis of decision.









Decision Making and the Will of God †††††

††† -- Garry Friesen and Robin Maxson

†††††††††††† †††


The quintessential reference on Decision Making and Godís Will.This groundbreaking book sets the standard for all other studies of the topic.This new version includes critiques of other books that have become popular in recent years including ďExperiencing GodĒ by Henry Blackaby.





Decision Making and the Will of God

††† -- Greg Koukl†††Stand to Reason††††


This audio CD series includes an interview with Garry Friesen from Gregís weekend talk show.Greg adds his own take on Garryís material but leaves the listener with essentially the same conclusion.This resource is available in multiple formats including MP3 download from the Stand to Reason store.





Godís Will and its Role in Decision Making†††† * FREE *

††††† -- Kevin Vannorsdel

A small but thorough treatment of the topic based heavily on other references shown above.An easy to read paper including thought provoking analysis of Scripture, anda clear conclusion make this a concise and useful resource for all.



Decision Crisis†† * Coming Someday *

††† -- Kevin Vannorsdel

A very small, easy to read primer targeted specifically towards those who find themselves in a Decision Crisis - a situation where they feel pressured to make a decision according to Godís Will- soon.This booklet serves essentially as an emergency manual - a guide for those who have become frustratingly tired of trying to ďdetermineĒ Godís will, but who donít have time to read and study the topic in depth before they must make a critical decision.



Decision Crisis Ė Doors and Signs

†† -- Kevin Vannorsdel

A brief paper on the topic of Godís use of Divine Signs for direction and guidance.



Other Stuff

The Pepsi Challenge!

An Excellent Paper on the Two Wills of God by John Piper††† -- Excerpts Only